A life in motion Webinar

21st May 2020 at 9 pm

Fifth webinar dedicated to those who “shoot” motorsport.
New great evening dedicated to photography in the world of rallies, with increasingly important guests ready to excite us. Mirco Lazzari, historical sports photojournalist since 1989, will be with us on Thursday 22 May. A career around the world, chasing the perfect shot.

The evening, called “A life in motion” will be divided into two parts:

in the first Mirco will show and tell the times of Autosprint
in the second all Mirco Lazzari and today’s shots
But we also have another big surprise in store for our readers: in addition to the conduct of Marco Passaniti and the participation of our friend Manrico Martella, we will have the pleasure of having with us Carlo Cavicchi, journalist and writer as well as historical director of Autosprint and Quattroruote.

Also this week the live will start at 9 pm and listeners will be allowed to follow the webinar on Youtube without being able to intervene and only for the first hour.

The rest of the evening will continue in the now classic limited number webinar that allows participants to ask questions to the protagonists of the webinar, to be told every secret of their shots.

To be able to participate actively, it is necessary to purchase at least any copy of our Rallyssimo Pocket. You will receive the link to access the webinar on Thursday.

If you have already purchased Rallyssimo Pocket # 3 America or are a subscriber, a new purchase is not necessary.