The Dream

Another year, another racing season and another book: a new dream come true. Our dream started in 2006, when Raffaella, Carlo, Alberto and I managed to take a big step with our first self-produced book. And now, with the addition of Silvia and the technical advice of Gaetano, after many races, seasons and years we are still here, with the new printed volume, trying to renew and evolve so that we can dream together for as long as possible. Enjoy!

Mirco Lazzari

Size: 297×297 mm
Pages: 156
6 types of paper:

  • Usomano Magno Natural, g 140 mq
  • Gargapat 13, g 130 mq
  • Salzer Touch White, g 130 mq
  • Arena Rough Ivory Fedrigoni, g 140 mq
  • Patinata lucida, g 170 mq
  • Oikos Freelife Fedrigoni, g 115 mq

All photographs were taken with nikon camera

Photographs: Mirco Lazzari, Raffaella Gianolla
Contributors: Mauro Lazzari, Carlo Gambini
Art director: Mirco Lazzari
Editorial coordinator: Raffaella Gianolla
Graphic design: Silvia Lannutti
Post production: Mirco Lazzari
Project manager: Gaetano Dal Toso

Publisher: © ML Editore
ISBN: 978-88-945843-9-4

Print: Asolana Group, Asolo (TV)
Printed in Italy, November 2022

Price: € 49,00

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