Il Giallo in mostra

Castel San Pietro Terme, 27 November – 12 December 2021

Yellow on exhibition, a love story.

This exhibition borns from an idea, the idea of showing the emotions of the boy, the rider, the man Valentino Rossi with my own eyes. I started following the World Championship in 2002, during the transition from the 500cc class to the MotoGP. Twenty years, twenty seasons in which motorcycling has changed so much, also thanks to Valentino, Vale for friends, colleagues, headlines and Fans. The love story is all here: a boy who born and was raised with “bread and bike” capable of immediately establishing a great feeling with the fans. A boy who loves motorcycles and had united the world around MotoGP through motorcycles, a boy who became a man giving emotions for over twenty years. To everyone. Thanks Vale.

Mirco Lazzari