ML Editore

ML Editore was born in 2020 from the thirty-year experience of Mirco first and then of Mirco Lazzari srl: from the practice in the editorial staff of one of the most important motoring journals on the world scene  to the design in first person of photographic and text books on the MotoGP seasons, monographs of characters, exhibition catalogs. Thanks to a structure of different professionals and the collaboration with quality printers, Mirco Lazzari Editore is able to develop a book from scratch, starting from the idea and studying a complete and ad hoc graphic project, which can adapt to the target audience and communication purposes. All this while maintaining communication uniformity and coherence throught different and multiple channels that may be used.

ML Fine Art and NTF

A print can completely transform a room, giving it new personality and adding energy, color, shape and style.
The ML Fine Art catalog is the selection of Mirco’s best shots. With a wide range of styles, subjects and sizes, it is designed to furnish any space with style: works of art with personality, which can talk about you and arouse emotions. The prints are fine art certified (printed with inks and on supports that guarantee excellent and lasting color retention without alterations). In addition, it is also possible to purchase limited and numbered copies for collection purpose.

ML Exhibitions

After various opportunities to show our work around the world and experience related to exhibitions, we started organizing the exhibitions in first person. Through the increasingly close and quality relationships with those who print, both fine-art and publishing, the logistical organization of those who transport materials around the world (linked to the world of racing and beyond) and to our experiences in terms of give a thread to the stories, exhibitions such as “A million Dollar Smile” which recalls Nicky Haden, “Simply the Best” in collaboration with Angelo Orsi which shows an Ayrton Senna in racing and not only, “Speedpainting” where our vein is enclosed more artistic and some others also of an art/street photography character. These and other exhibitions are available to be exhibited and enhanced through exhibitions both in galleries and in qualified exhibition spaces.

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