Throughout his life, Mirco’s great love for photography has combined with the adrenaline of the track, to create photos that, before being images, convey emotions.

In his photos, unique and recognizable among thousands, there is a balance between technique and competitive ardor, emotion and speed. From endurance, through SuperTurismo, Rally and Formula 1 to MotoGP, of which he has been an extraordinary interpreter since 2002, Mirco has seen the world through the circuits, but also the circuits crossing our planet. This without ever forgetting that the boundary between racing and life is thin: crossing it and giving it back as image is his aim.

The world moves, life itself is movement, the real one, the everyday one.

This is his philosophy, his thinking. Fixing it in a shot is his goal. His signature is to show what you don’t notice at first sight.

Showing things through moving images is what I love. What I seek. Showing them by amplifying them, exasperating them, emphasizing the moments that make up life itself.

The movement of a drop of water, the gravel that flies when a pilot falls, the passer-by that turns to look at you on the street.

The expression on a face, an intense gaze.
Photographs that become a set of bright, soft, bold, intense colors.

I try to convey in one click the thrills that life gives me… chills that I revive looking at the photo and every time a viewer looks at my photographies and feels the same emotions.

Adrenaline, Life…Pure emotion.


Getty images

For 25 years, Getty Images has embraced disruption and change; riding the digital wave to evolve from an analogue stock photo business into a multi-billion dollar, global e-commerce industry leader and trusted brand, that is home to over 400 million pieces of content and represents more than 320,000 of the world’s best content creators. As a global team, we serve more than one million customers in almost every country around the world, enabling our customers and partners to tell their stories with greater creativity and accuracy, eliciting more emotion and enabling greater action. We invite you to learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibly efforts, and how through our work, we move the world with images.” — Mark Getty, Chairman and Co-founder.


It was 1987 when, after seeing colleagues working with these black cameras and lenses, I had the opportunity to buy a used kit from a shopkeeper in my city. From there my story with Nikon began, a story that led me first to work using machines of this brand and then to collaborate with them until in 2016 I became one of the five testimonials in the world of the top level Nikon D5. It is the only one in motorsport. Proudly.


“We were immediately happy to be part of this project” – says Michele Imbimbo, co founder of Stargraph. “A project that is capable of combining the international ambitions of our company and the best of sports photography, creating a unique product in Italy, which is at the top of tech, sport and art.”

Officine Editore – Modena

Officine Editore is the only Publishing Company specializing in Motorsport with headquarters (in the city of Modena) in the Motor Valley, the motorsport district of Emilia Romagna. Not by chance, the name takes inspiration from the culture of the territory: here, in the Twentieth Century, the mechanical workshops dedicated to racing cars and motorcycles were places to work, meet, invent. And to share a passion.
It was craftsmanship at the highest level, so Officine wants to be an editorial engineering, a laboratory that develops and designs high quality products.

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