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The project has been in the works for some years: for 10 years the book was the stimulus that motivated us, but with the material that was shot by all of us it was necessary to produce something that was monthly and no longer annually. In a nutshell 10, 11, 12 “books” in a year. That was the idea, that the project, that was the new stimulus to ensure that more of the photos taken could be used. Hence the idea of ​​the magazine, hence 300 which evolved into ML Magazine. […] from ML by Mirco Lazzari to ML by Motorsport and Life.

It is a choice that allows us to speak, through the photographic language, of the world in the round, allowing us to tell about Motorsport (which remains our passion) and that world that we have the opportunity to shoot and photograph every day thanks to our work. Because the emotions in shooting and evolving on a photographic level are not limited only to the race tracks, but go beyond […] ML Magazine was born following this philosophy, to show those unpublished images, perhaps too daring. To do research and continue to have those stimuli that are the real propellant of our work, but above all of our life.

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