Photographs by Mirco Lazzari

It was born from Mirco Lazzari’s passion for motion photography. Mirco has made the panning technique a personal interpretation of him, modifying and evolving it through years of experimentation. The result is colorful, vivid, light-brushed images that seem painted. These images, in which the subject is merged into the background, had become unique and recognizable over time to the point of being considered his trademark, his signature.

The exhibition is constantly evolving, the number and format of photographs may vary according to needs.

To accompany the exhibition, the text by Alex Pasini.

Before possibly modifying it with filters, contrasts or black and white, reality for Mirco must first of all be respected and understood as complexity, movement, imperfection, randomness, a source of amazement and beauty but also physical elusiveness of the moment, just as it happens in real life. Every motorcycle, but also every person, produces a bright trail, unexpected electricity, colors, positive / negative, secrets that we will never know (and it is better this way). Also for this reason it is perhaps improper to speak here of photos as paintings. The painting does not really return the trails. Here, on the other hand, in the wake he jumps into the saddle and runs with her. Bang! It is the comet of time, the jumping house of Zabriskie Point, the dance of Dionysus, a solo by Jimmy Page, the classmate who suddenly finally gets kissed. All this, if anything, is cinema. Maybe right in that old Texan drive-in in no man’s land …

(Alex Pasini)

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