Simply The Best

Photographs by Angelo Orsi and Mirco Lazzari

Simply the Best was born as a tribute to the Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna 25 years after his death, which took place on the Imola circuit on 1st May 1994. It was inaugurated in December 2019 in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), the city where Ayrton used to stay for the races and tests on the Romagna circuit. Through the images of his photographer and friend Angelo Orsi and those of a young Mirco Lazzari, one traces above all the man with his emotions.

The exhibition is made up of about 100 photographs given and signed by the authors, in various formats, mounted on frames.

To accompany the exhibition, the text by Carlo Cavicchi, which recalls the sample.

Great. A whole life like this, great. Then that last corner, round like the questions of a season on the counter and as insidious as the relationships within an allied but not friendly team. The foot down as always to escape the heap and doubts. The gaze ahead and the rivals in the increasingly smaller mirrors. The usual things, Ayrton, if only your Williams had swerved. It would once again have been a curve of yours. Great. But this time there was only our desperation.

(Carlo Cavicchi)

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