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Mirco is great

Of course, this being his site, I couldn’t say otherwise. Plus, we are also friends. For nine months a year we travel the world working and joking, telling each other about motorcycles and about us, looking for good restaurants and beating the markets of Asian Chinatowns in search of material at bargain prices. Not only that: sometimes, he drives me (he says willingly …) with the scooter among the most beautiful corners of the MotoGP tracks: we place ourselves there, me with my unlikely digital writer as a free release, he with his professional equipment , and watch the pilots go by. They arrive magnificent and impregnable, so fast that they are there and they are already gone. To catch them, to stop the moment, to deceive themselves that they have fooled their time which runs a thousand times faster than ours, you need a higher instinct. You need to know how to look but above all to see. When we compare our photos, there is no doubt who can see and who just looks.

That’s why it must be said that Mirco is great “regardless” of the friendship that binds us. You will say it too, you just have to browse his albums. Or, as they say today, his galleries. Beautiful photos, unique photos. Photos, in fact, taken by someone who does not limit himself to looking at the world around him, but knows how to see what lies behind . Not only news, but also story: behind his images of motorcycles – inclined, deconstructed, never random, merged into the landscape or in powerful contrast with it, because in any case the sporting fact never lives as an end in itself – there are stories and emotions. They can be seen in the motorbikes and seen in the close-ups (the ones that, all too good, Mirco gives occasionally to us too, little actors and actresses of the paddock photographed once and for all as they should …): if you are looking for a different story , the rebound of a state of mind, the soul of the driver from another perspective, the open heart of a manager, the back-thought of a journalist, the passion of a mechanic, well, you can find all this behind his shots .

It’s a question of talent, and ultimately of sensitivity. The one that determines style and recognizability.

Because this is what makes someone an artist: the uniqueness of him, the possibility of being recognized for that unrepeatable figure that he gives to his work. Not surprisingly, when Mirco’s photos arrive through the agencies on the editorial team’s computers, they already have the signature before we even read the caption. “This can only be of him”, we think of the newspaper. And it always is. Because Mirco is great. And like everyone like him it is impossible to confuse.

And now can you give me a lift to the Corkscrew?

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