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is a company founded in 2012 and operating in the photography and communication.

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2020 ML The Book

The company edits and produces photo books, the main one of which is in its fifteenth edition.

Simply The Best

There are also numerous exhibitions in recent years: Speed Painting (Bologna September 2017), ML (Spazio 212 Bologna, December 2017) Speed Painting (Castel San Pietro Terme December 2017), Exhibition by Mirco Lazzari and Gigi Soldano
(Museum of Science and Technology Milan December 2018), Speed and Rituals (Mirco Lazzai and Gigi Soldano, Katara Doha, April 2018), A Million Dollar Smile (Circuit Enzo and Dino Ferrari of Imola in memory of Nicky Hayden), My Way (Minerbio
August 2018), Simply The Best (Castel San Pietro Terme, December 2018 in memory of Ayrton Senna), Simply The Best (Imola Circuit May 2019 in memory of Ayrton Senna).

ML Magazine

ML Magazine is a new point of view on Motorsport and Life.

Our Team

Mirco Lazzari


Mirco Lazzari, owner, for over thirty years in the international motor photography sector, covers the MotoGP and SuperBike world championships on behalf of Getty Images, an American company leader in world photographic distribution,
both editorial and commercial. Mirco is one of the five Nikon testimonials in the world since 2016 of the new Nikon D5 camera, unique in the motorsport sector.

Carlo Gambini

Entrepreneur and photographer

Entrepreneur and photographer,

curious engeneer, love travel

and descovered new places

Raffaella Gianolla

Photographer and photo editor

She works for over 30 years of photography, art and architecture, traveling whenever possible. Since 2003 she is travelling the world following the MotoGP World Championship, first as a teams coordinator and then as a photo editor and
photographer for Getty Images.

The Mirco Lazzari Collection: fine sports photography becomes NFT

Mirco Lazzari, Stargraph and RTR Sports Marketing launch the first Non Fungible Token dedicated to motorsport photography: art, sport and technology open the doors to the future.

They are called NFTs, non-fungible tokens, and they are the answer to a question that has become central in recent years: how to sign, authenticate and exchange digital content in a secure, quick, and engaging way?

Created using blockchain technology, the so called “nifties” are cryptographic tokens allowing for unique digital purchases and identification of any type of media, from an image to a song, from a work of art to a video.

Non-fungible tokens are used to create verifiable digital scarcity, unique digital objects such as crypt art and collectibles in digital format, that become exchangeable and sellable on the digital market.

Thanks to their ability to provide proof of authenticity and ownership of the digital work, they have quickly become the next-gen of 2.0 collecting.

This intangible but enormously powerful tool, that has been booming in recent days, now meets the excellence of auteur sports photography with “The Mirco Lazzari Collection”, a project connecting Mirco Lazzari, Stargraph and RTR Sports

From July 15th, the first NFTs from the famous Imola-based photographer will be available on the Stargraph website. Some of his unique shots will create an unprecedented collection, with limited editions of pictures from MotoGP to Formula
1, from rally to World Superbike.

It is the first time that photography, sport and the digital world meet in this way in Italy: Mirco Lazzari’s NFTs are not simply a glance at the future, but rather a concrete tool to cement a form of expression and communication that
has never been so important.

Mirco Lazzari has been portraying the world of motorsports through his lens since 1989. His style has always been unique, fresh, and different, offering a perspective that has more to do with poetry than with narrative. His pictures
have received several international awards, and paved the way for the role of sport ambassador for premium photo brand Nikon.

It was RTR Sports Marketing founder Riccardo Tafà who first envisioned the potential of a Mirco Lazzari NFT: a circle that could only be closed via a partner of great experience and creativity in the world of the web and digital marketing.

“We’ve been super happy to be part of this project – says Michele Imbimbo, co-founder of Stargraph. The Mirco Lazzari Collection combines the international ambitions of our company and the world’s top sports photography, creating a unique
product sitting at the apex of tech, sports and art “.

“We believe that every digital product can have a high value only if filled with a strong emotional and cultural content – says Mirco Lazzari. For the first time in our digital history, NFTs allow to crystallize that very moment, to
make tangible something that was previously intangible. But at the heart of it there is always the need for great content, something that can move feelings and enclose a gesture, a special moment. “

The first NFTs of “The Mirco Lazzari Collection” are available in limited edition from Wednesday 15 July on the website:

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